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FEB 26

APR 30

JUN 25

AUG 20


NOV 19

Board of Directors Meeting - Budget

Board of Directors Meeting


Annual Meeting of Members


Board of Directors Meeting

New Mexico State Bar Annual Meeting, Virtual

Board of Directors Meeting, Election of Officers

Please join the Albuquerque Lawyers Club and the New Mexico Women's Bar Association for a free CLE via webinar on June 18 from noon-1:30 p.m.


Attorneys Stephen Stanwood, Aiden Durham and Stacey Kalamaras comprise the panel and all have innovative practices around the country.


They will discuss lessons learned in striking out on their own and present content including practical tips for social media and tactics for managing your time in both practicing law and marketing. All are welcome.


This is a free CLE opportunity, jointly underwritten as a service to the legal community by the NMWBA and the Albuquerque Lawyers Club.


Complete your signup for the CLE here.

Our Vision: 

Success and fulfillment for every woman in the legal profession.


To provide resources that empower women in the legal profession.


Visit our Membership page to learn how to join. 

The NMWBA seeks to:

  • Promote women to the highest level of achievement in their field.


  • Develop a network and support system for women in the profession.


  • Identify barriers to women in the legal profession and provide education on how to overcome those barriers

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