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The New Mexico Women's Bar Association is providing five $1,000 bar preparation scholarships to recently or soon-to-be graduated law school students without regard to gender identity who plan to take the bar exam in July 2022. To apply, please provide your contact information, resume, and a one to two-page letter explaining: (1) your financial need; (2) your law school academic record (no need to provide a transcript, just describe your academic record, including challenges and successes); and (3) your goals after you pass the bar exam. Please state how your career plans will be connected to or will affect New Mexico in the near future. 


The Board of the NMWBA will review applications and vote to choose the recipients based on financial need, your story and its connection to New Mexico, and your academic record. The recipients will be notified shortly after selection and receive a $1,000 check to use as they see fit as they prepare for the bar exam. 


Please email your letter, resume, and contact information to the NMWBA at no later than Friday, May 13, 2022.


The New Mexico Women's Bar Association is pleased to announce that Jessica Aguirre, Lizdebeth Carrasco-Gallardo, Jessica Halperin and Antonia Romero are the four winners of the February 2021 Bar Preparation Scholarship.  Each will receive a scholarship of $1000 to use in offsetting expenses incurred while preparing for and taking the February New Mexico bar exam.  

Congratulations to the awardees!!


The NMWBA received a record number of applicants, all of whom were deserving of scholarships.  You can help us award more or larger scholarships by supporting the NMWBA annual Henrietta Pettijohn Awards reception. Please go to the Pettijohn Awards tab for more info.

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